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我是 Will,白天體驗社會,晚上思考人生,學習新的事物,練習舊的技巧,這就是我。在這裡想與你分享生命經驗,以及整合不同的工具,來幫助你規劃自己的未來,並一步步的實踐出心中藍圖。


Also allow yourselves to understand the following thing about healing:
Many of you are healers or have a desire to be healers of one type or another.
Understand what it means to be a healer. You’re not really healing anybody else directly.
A healer creates, in whatever way they choose to, a vibrational field of energy.
It does not matter what way you choose, you still create this vibrational field whether you choose to imagine it or not. It is simply the natural energy field that all of you have.
But it vibrates at a certain frequency that is representative of your desire and your intention to help another person.
Therefore, it is important for the healer to be balanced as well, so the vibration of balance is in the energy field.
When you attract someone to you who wishes assistance, what you are actually doing as a healer is giving off a particular vibrational pitch for them to be immersed in.
Thus, the vibrational pitch of that energy field is like an invitation to that person to match your vibration with their energy.
Then, bit-by-bit, either quickly or slowly, in matching the energy of the healer, the person becomes healed by healing themselves.
That is how all healing works.
Doesn’t matter what style, doesn’t matter how fast or slow the process. It’s a matter of changing the vibration of the belief system of the person to be healed, so they heal themselves, with reflective assistance.
So, if you have a great desire to be a healer or to share with people, to be of service in any way, it is very important to remember that what they are mostly going to be picking up on is your vibrational pattern of balance.
Now, if you are excited about being a healer, then understand you will be able to help all those that come to you, because you have attracted them with your particular vibration.
Doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have the effect on them that you might expect with your mentality.
但這並不意味著 療癒的效果一定會如你所預期的。
But if they are attracted to you, they are attracted to you for a rea​​son and they will get something out of it.
If you are excited about being a healer but are doubtful about your ability to be of assistance to someone else, then you yourself are creating a “negative” vibration in your field.
And of course, then you might perhaps fulfill your own prophecy and will not be able to help them. 結果可能就是:「你實現了對自己的預言,並且沒法幫助他們。」
But if it is truly exciting for you to be a healer in any way, then relax and trust that the vibration that you are will benefit them in some way, shape or form.


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